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Below you will find information on the most common questions.
If you know what you are looking for, we suggest using "Ctrl + F" to search for a key word.

If you cannot find the answer you are looking for please contact the Show Team. We are happy to help.


Please beware of hoax accommodation agents. If you have any concerns regarding this, or for more information, please refer to the AEO Website.
You can find contact details of the official accommodation agent for the event on the Accommodation page.

Activities & Demonstrations
Should you wish to carry out any demonstrations on your stand, please detail these in your Activities, Demonstrations & Mobile Units Request Form.

The Organisers reserve the right to curtail any practice, which they consider dangerous or detrimental to the show or surrounding exhibitors. You will need to email the Organisers your Risk Assessment should this be requested via email.

For more guidance, please refer to the eGuide.

Address & Deliveries
You are able to deliver and collect items from your stand ONLY within the Build & Breakdown times, published here.

Please note that neither the Organiser nor the Venue can accept responsibility for items, so your items must be clearly labelled with your stand info, and the show name. We request that you are there to sign for your goods, as only you know what is being delivered.

Please ensure you include all the details below to ensure it get to the right show. ExCeL Lonson is a big venue with a lot of events on at the same time.

Your Contact Name / Mobile Number
Your Company Trading Name
Your Stand Number
Clean & Tidy Home Show
Hall N8 - N9
Sanderstone Lane
E16 1XL

If it is not possible to have items delivered within the show dates. Please contact the organisers for more information.

Please check the Traffic Booking System section of the manual before coming onsite, to ensure you have a smooth delvery experience.

Audio Visual
Please refer to the Audio Visual Equipment link for the services available from our official contractor. Any orders completed after the deadline date may incur a surcharge.


Badges and Passes
No one will be permitted into the exhibition hall during build, open or breakdown period without the appropriate pass.

  • Build & Breakdown Period: All exhibitors and contractors must have registered for a Build & Breakdown Pass to access the hall during those periods. You will need to state your name upon entrance and will be given a wristband.
  • Open: Every member of staff, who will be working on the stand during the open period of the event, requires an Event Ticket and an Exhibitor Wristband. Register here for an Event Ticket and bring at the event. It will be exchanged for the necessary wristband. The wristband must be worn on-site at all times.

Banking Facilities
The nearest Bank is Halifax located at 286-288 Barking Road, London E13 8HR, if you would like to contact them directly call +44 (0)207 474 9157.

You will find two HSBC Machines at the West End of the boulevard, as well as a Barclays and HSBC ATMs situated in the Boulevard on level 0, and one at the East end of the Boulevard by N6/S6.

The nearest Bureau de Change is located at Canary Wharf, 10-minutes from ExCeL London

Business Facilities
Photocopying, faxing and IT facilities, including Internet access, are available from the Business Service Centre, located on level 0 of the boulevard. There are charges for these and additional services.


All exhibitors are advised that unless they have a contractual agreement with the event organisers, all promotional activities including literature distribution is restricted to the limits of their stand. If you are approached on your stand by unwelcome visitors trying to sell their products, please take a business card and inform the Organiser's Office immediately. For details of opportunities available in the halls, please contact the Show Team.

If you have a Shell Scheme Stand, carpet is included with your stand. If you wish to change the colour of your carpet you can do this for an additional cost with the official contractor under Stand Extras.

If you have a Space Only, stand flooring must be included in your stand design, as it is not included with your stand booking.

Venue regulations state that all food and drink to be consumed on or given away from a stand (other than exhibitors own products) must be purchased from venue catering department. The venue do not allow any exhibitors to offer food provided by themselves, unless they are registered as a food business with their local authority and a proof of registration is provided.
Exhibitors planning any form of sampling of food/liquid products on their stand at the exhibition must advise the organisers. Please check the Food & Drink Section for more details.

Cleaning & Waste
Stands will be cleaned daily during the show open period. This does NOT include the cleaning of actual exhibits or the second level of multi-storey stands. If you require these to be cleaned please check the Cleaning & Waste Form section.

Where stands are constructed with offices or interiors, or if a nightsheet is being used, clearly labelled duplicate keys should be left with the Organiser's Office, to allow access for cleaners.

Exhibitors requiring emergency cleaning during the exhibition should contact the Organiser's Office (although light cleaning will be possible during show opening hours, vacuuming will not be possible until the close of the show).

Please dispose of any liquids, so as to avoid spillage and damage to the carpets.
Waste materials should not be abandoned on site or deposited into the venue waste disposal containers and skips, without the venues prior agreement.

You are required to remove all stand fitting material and waste generated at the end of breakdown. Any rubbish left in the hall will be skipped by the ExCeL London Cleaning Department and you will be charged a fine of £500+VAT. We will take digital photos of each area, as proof and an invoice will be sent to you after the event.

Please note that waste materials, however innocuous, should not be abandoned on-site, discharged into the drainage system, nor deposited in ExCeL London waste disposal containers or skips. The cost of any clearing, repairs to the drainage system or of making good any other damage caused by such unauthorised discharge, will be passed to the relevant exhibitor. Disposal of such substances are subject to "Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 1988" (COSHH). Toxic waste shall be placed in closed containers, marked accordingly, and special arrangements made with ExCeL London regarding their disposal.

Should it be necessary for waste material to be removed, the ExCel London Cleaning Department can provide quotations for special skip hire.

Venue cloakrooms are open during event hours and are provided complimentary (subject to availability). The cloakrooms are located on level 0 (down the stairs, in between hall entrances N4 & S4) and at the east end of the venue on level 0.

There are no columns within ExCeL which impact stands.

Convenience Store
There is a newsagent positioned by Hall S2 in the Boulevard, offering products like newspapers, cigarettes, and confectionery.


Exhibitors are responsible for all panels, walls, columns, flooring, Shell Scheme stands, hired accessories, etc. within their stand area and any damage will be charged back to the exhibitor.

All exhibits and stand fitting materials must be cleared from the venue and a charge of £500+VAT will be levied for the removal of any abandoned articles, including carpet tape and literature. We will take digital photos of each area, as proof and an invoice will be sent to you after the event.

Drop Wires
The use of drop wires are only permitted as part of a sponsorship opportunity. To find out more about the opportunities available, please contact any of the Show Team.

Services like electrics, telecoms, water & waste are pulled from the venue floor. If you would like a duct plan for your stand, please contact the Show Team.


Electrictal services are NOT included with your stand booking.
It is necessary for a stand in each block to house the mains box. You will not be advised if it will be housed in your stand.

You can place your order for an electrical connection from the Electrical Order Form, including a location grid with your placement requirements.

Space only exhibitors and their contractors are advised to contact the official electrical contractor to arrange a temporary power supply for actual construction of stands if required.


  • All electrical work must be carried out in accordance with the electrical regulations laid down by the local authority, IEE, Exhibition Venues Association, the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974, British Standards Institution BS 7671 1992 and the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989. A full copy and advice on electrical installations can be obtained by contacting the official contractor.
  • The Official Contractor is responsible for, and will carry out all electrical work on all stands. Pre-fabrication will be permitted but connection to the mains and on-site wiring must be carried out by them.
  • As an exhibitor, it is your responsibility to order adequate power supply for your stand. Failure to do this will result in delays on site and could be a fire risk. On-site checks will be carried out by the appointed Health & Safety Officer and Electrical Contractor. In all cases the decision of the Organiser and its appointed representative is final.

Emergency Procedures
Please pay careful attention to the Emergency Procedures located in the Site Rules & Site Induction.

Fire extinguishers (water type) will be distributed at the Fire Officer’s discretion. Under no circumstances may these be moved and exhibitors will be charged for their replacement. At least two people on each stand should be familiar with the use of fire extinguishers.

Equality Act 2010
Please note that all exhibitors are expected to comply with the Equality Act 2010, as far as is reasonably practical. For more information please follow this link: www.gov.uk/equality-act-2010-guidance.


First Aid
The First Aid room is located on Level 0 in the Boulevard. If you require first aid please contact the medical treatment room on +44(0)20 7069 5556.  

If urgent medical assistance is required, do not call the emergency services direct but contact either the Organiser's Office or the Security Team on +44(0)121 767 2222 (internal 2222) and they will coordinate the medical team and the emergency service arrival.

Food and Drink
Please see Catering section above.

Furniture is NOT included with your stand booking.

Furniture can be hired from our official contractor from the Furniture Order Form, alternatively, you can use your own. Furniture should be ordered as early as possible to avoid non-availability of stock. When hiring furniture with the official contractor, they will deliver the furniture to your stand the day before the event opens and will collect at the end of the event.


Graphics are NOT included with your stand booking.

If you have a Shell Scheme stand you can order graphics with the official contractor from the Graphics Order Form. If you chose to do so, they will be placed for you before your arrival onsite and removed after the end of the event.

If you are providing your own graphics, please ensure that the Shell Scheme panels are not damaged. We recommend attaching graphics using double-sided Velcro or double-sided tape. PLEASE NOTE - no items are to be fixed or suspended from the fascia or ceiling grid, as this could affect the structural integrity of the stand, as its parts are not designed to be weight-bearing. If you need advice you can contact the Show Team.


Any loss or damage that may occur during the show should immediately be notified to the Organisers and Security on-site. Please note that Exhibitor insurance policies do not cover stand contractors and any subsequent sub-contractors, and as such, contractors are now required to submit proof that they have adequate insurance cover as well. For more information see the Insurance Cover page.

Internet and Telecoms
ExCeL London has free WiFi across the venue; the network name is 'ExCeL Free WiFi'. Please note that this service is complimentary, and therefore not supported by the ITC team. It is only suitable for email checking and suchlike. If you need to demonstrate a product requiring a reliable connection, we advise you order a hotspot/Wi-Fi or a hard connection for your stand. Additional services can be ordered from the Internet Services Order Form.


Logistics / Storage
Please check Delivery Services & Logistics Order Form.

Lost Property
For property lost during the exhibition, please report to the Organiser’s Office to see if it has been handed in.
Any lost property after the show is passed over to the venue, they can be contacted on +44 (0)20 7069 5000.


Maintenance & Repair
Maintenance work to stands must be carried out the evening prior to open or after the close of show by prior arrangement with the Organisers. No maintenance will be permitted during the open hours.

Music Licences
If you wish to play music on your stand please contact the Show Team for more information regarding music licences. The cost for licences is roughly £100 + VAT.


All Shell Scheme exhibitors have a fascia nameboard included with their shell scheme package, which will display the stand number and company name.
The company display name will be the same as the one published on the event website, social media and show guide. Please note that there is a restriction of 34 characters including spaces, due to the length of the board.

Organiser’s Office
The Organiser’s Office will be manned at all points throughout the show, if you have any queries, please feel free to come and see us during build, open or breakdown.


Please note roadworks are in place during the construction of the Silvertown Tunnel. For more information please visit the ExCeL Website or call +44 (0)207 069 4568 (within office hours).

Pre-booking is the only way to guarantee your parking at the venue. It is recommended you book to avoid disappointment should the car park be full on arrival.
To pre-book your parking space please visit the on-line booking platform by clicking here. Please select the date(s) you would like to park which should then display the event you are planning to attend. Select the type of space you need and complete the form to secure your spot.

Parking is charged at £25.00 per day, per vehicle, per entry, with some exceptions. There is a fine of £80 for parking in a disabled bay without displaying a valid disabled badge.

There are clearly marked disabled parking bays in the Venue's orange car park. Blue badge holders can park in designated disabled parking bays.

To avoid unnecessary canvassing of exhibitors, the official photographer has been appointed to undertake all photography for the show and no other photographers will be allowed into the hall without prior written consent from the Organisers.  

Piped Services
The venue acts as the exclusive contractor responsible for the supply and connection of natural gas, compressed air, water and waste services. Please note that water and waste is only available at specific points within the hall. You must have a duct on your stand to have piped services. Therefore you may require a 100mm platform floor to hide any service pipes on either your own or a neighbouring stand. Please refer to Piped Services Order Form or contact the Show Team for more details.

Post Boxes
There are two post boxes one at the west of the venue by the taxi rank and one at the entrance at the east by the taxi rank.

Prayer Room
The venue prayer room can be accessed through the grey door next to the S9 entrance on the boulevard.

Public Address System (Tannoy)
The public address system is for use by the Organiser’s and Authorities only, made from the Organiser’s Office. During the open period only official and emergency messages will be broadcast.


We permit lighting rigs above stand, however if you would like to feature any high level branding this is only permitted as part of a sponsorship opportunity. To find out more about the opportunities available, please contact the Show Team.


Exhibitors planning any form of sampling of food/liquid products on their stand at the event, must submit the Activities, Demonstrations and Mobile Units Request Form. Venue regulations state that all food and drink to be consumed on or given away from a stand (other than exhibitors own products) must be purchased from venue catering department. Please check the Food & Drink section for more details.

The 24hr security provided by the Organisers is designed to prevent unauthorised access to the hall, NOT to secure the contents of your stand. Exhibitors are advised to not leave their stands unattended during build up, breakdown or the open period, and to take particular care with personal items such as mobile telephones and laptop computers.

Please help the organisers with the security of the halls by informing the Organiser’s Office immediately of any security issues.

Please note that most hired cabinets have common locks and should NOT be regarded as secure units.

Any incidents of theft must be reported to the Organisers immediately, as it will be necessary to complete a security form and report the incident to the police.

Please note that neither the Organisers nor the venue can be held responsible for any loss or damage to stands or exhibits.

ExCeL implements a non-smoking policy in accordance with UK Law. Smoking (including e-cigarettes) is only permitted in designated smoking areas located to the east or west of the venue.  

From the 13th of February 2017 smoking is no longer permitted on the lorry way at ExCeL London.

Stand Personnel
If you need any extra staff for the duration of the event we suggest checking the Temp Staffing Section.


There are Taxi ranks on both the East and West entrances of the venue.

There are toilets located outside the Hall on the Boulevard.
The disabled toilets are located at the following points:

  • Red blocks S9/S10
  • N10/N11 level 0
  • N4/S4, at the back of the North Halls
  • South Gallery level 2 and the dock edge on Level 0
  • Platinum Suite - levels 2 and 3
  • Prince Regent walkway
  • Level 0 East
  • Capital Suite level 2 and 3


Vehicles on Stands / Mobile Trailers

The Organisers must be notified of any mobile units and motor vehicles being brought into the halls well in advance of the event so that a suitable delivery/collection time can be arranged, please submit the Activities, Demonstrations & Mobile Units Request Form.

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