Furniture Order Form

Thorns Group are the official furniture supplier for the Clean & Tidy Home Show.

Exhibitors who have booked a Shell Scheme stand will have a stand which includes walling, carpet, ceiling grid and a fascia nameboard. Furniture, electrics and graphics are not included in the stand booking.

If you have any issues please contact them directly.

Your contact is Tara Landy on / 0208 801 4444.

Early Bird 20% Discount Deadline: Friday 6th September 2024


Order Deadline: Friday 4th October 2024
Order Delivery: Friday 18th October 2024

Once your order form has been received and processed by Thorns Group, you will be forwarded an invoice along with payment instructions.

PLEASE NOTE - Orders will not be confirmed until payment has been received prior to the event.

Thorns Group will deliver your equipment onsite the day prior to the show opening.

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