about the show

Inspiring and connecting homemaking enthusiasts.

The purpose of the Clean & Tidy Home Show is to bring people together; to share, collaborate and support one another to make a home with more space, less clutter and peace of mind.


appreciate your space and make the most of it

create space

that works for you and your family

save our planet

and challenge yourself to live more sustainably

feel better

by looking
after yourself

give back

by supporting our charity partners

Hello friend!

With an award-winning background in event organisation and management, I thought running a household would be easy peasy for me.

Turns out – it wasn’t.

In fact, when I had two boys, two dogs, a husband, a pandemic and a job to navigate, I lost control of my home completely. How were other people coping? Why wasn’t I, who felt so qualified in other areas, capable of basic home caring duties? How had I never taken the time to think about my home’s organisation before?

The biggest reason: I was alone. Sure, I could have done with some extra tips and tricks on how to organise the boys’ toys or fold up my fitted sheets, but really what stung was the lack of community, sharing and support.

That was until I turned to social media. It turns out, millions of wonderful home makers who had felt exactly the same way as I did were combatting their isolation by sharing videos and support online. This digital community of real people living real lives served as a coping strategy for me through a difficult time of my life – and when lockdowns lifted – I knew that I wanted more than anything to give back to the people who had helped me.

Hence the birth of the Clean & Tidy Home Show – the show committed to creating happier and more functional homes by giving people the tools and courage to make their living space one that supports their lifestyle. Packed with live demos, insightful panel sessions, the most useful products and a whole variety of wonderful people, the show is an opportunity for everyone, regardless of background, space or budget, to come together in-person and turn their online interests into real-life friendships.

The Clean & Tidy Home Show is more than just a learning experience. It is an opportunity to connect, celebrate and shine.

I can’t wait to welcome you x


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