why visit?

An inclusive community built around a shared passion.

No matter how or with whom you share your home, our community has a place for you.

An inclusive community | Clean & Tidy Home Show

Why should you visit?

  • Improve your wellbeing. A clean and tidy home is a happy one – and we’re on a mission to help!
  • Join the clean and tidy community, and create real connections IN-PERSON
  • Learn, hints and tips from celebrities, experts and companies within the home-tidying space
  • Get hands on and try out the latest products from our sponsors and exhibitors
  • Promote your personal brand and chat to our Shine Squad – ambassadors within the cleaning space!
  • Get advice from a cross-sector community – find your niche, explore new ideas and find solutions
  • We have a strict #shinenotshame policy – in that everyone is welcome! Make the most of an inclusive and non-judgmental community where you can share, celebrate and learn!
  • All tickets come with a free goody bag!
Your Doorway To A Happier Home | Clean & Tidy Home Show