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Our goal with the Clean & Tidy Home Show is to create a unique community for everyone who wants a clean home with more space, less clutter and peace of mind - with the help of experts, celebrities and innovative products & services.

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Our audience are your customers.

Exhibiting gives you a unique opportunity to reach the UK’s biggest buying group – Millennials.

After a being stuck inside for much of the last few years, Millennials are desperate for an opportunity to get together in-person.

The Clean & Tidy Home Show focuses on the achievable changes that we all make to our homes every day.  It’s not about grand designs, it’s about helping everyone to be more organised and comfortable in their space – regardless of their set-up. It’s also about giving them face-to-face connections and solutions to their home-needs.

That’s where you step in!


  • Engage. Meet active buyers and followers face to face
  • Authentic. Create a deeper relationship with your prospects and consumers.
  • Sell. Instant returns on investment and the ability to build that all important owned-data.
  • Research. Test out new products and concepts before retail launch.
  • Press Coverage. Over 100 key journalists will attend. We will curate meetings to allow you to reach this illusive crowd.
  • Ride the Wave. The rise of the cleanfuencer was something the main press didn’t see coming and don’t know how to maximise properly – we are cleaning up with this phenomenon.
  • Newsletter coverage. The Clean & Tidy Home Show will reach our extensive database monthly, building to weekly as we grow the community.
  • Content. Each week we will focus on a new area of the event to cover on the website and across all social media.
  • Reach millennials IRL. Millennials are easy to reach digitally but how do you reach them IRL? Relationships can only develop so far in the digital ether. To get to the next level you need to be able to engage with your consumers IRL.
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Over 1m reach

Go viral with the Shine Squad

As a brand you can only realistically work with a handful of influencers, but they are a mercurial lot. The Clean & Tidy Home Show are working with a whole squad of home influencers - The Shine Squad.

They have been selected for their engagement and credibility as well as their reach. The confirmed squad currently have over 4m followers on Instagram and TikTok.

The current list of ambassadors can been viewed via the button below. As we get closer to the show many more will be confirmed.

The shine Squad
Image: Sue Spencer | A Life More Organised
Shine Squad Member Sue Spencer | Clean & Tidy Home Show

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Flexible Packages.

The Clean & Tidy Home Show can develop a package to suit your brand objectives.  We have a range of options that include speaking slots, demo theatres, social media coverage and events post and pre-event. Call us now to talk about your brand development plans and we will develop a package to suit your style and budget.

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