Richard Pearson

Managing Director, Poppies of Wirral

Richard Pearson is a professional cleaner, TV presenter and business owner with over a decade of experience owning and operating a cleaning business based in the Northwest of the UK. 

His success in the cleaning industry has led to further opportunities and success in the media, with a large following on social media and an ongoing position as co-presenter on the hit Channel 5 TV Show Filthy House SOS.

Richard currently splits his time between filming commitments, running his successful business, sharing cleaning tips and hacks with his followers and spending time with his two children, who regularly feature on his social media. 

He currently posts regularly to his followers on Instagram and Facebook, showcasing a mixture of product recommendations, cleaning hacks, and Filthy House SOS news.

One of Richard’s passions is health and well-being. He has been on his journey combining fitness and healthy living with cleaning, maintaining a relaxing home environment, and teaching children essential housekeeping life skills through the cleaning club.

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