Rich and Lew

Rich and Lew

aka. Two Dads in London

Rich and Lew, aka. Two Dads in London, are are content creators who document their lives raising their two children.

Rich and Lew always knew they wanted to become parents one day and after conducting a lot of research into the different routes to make this happen, they decided that adoption would be the right option for their family, and in 2014 they  adopted their son, followed by the arrival of their daughter in 2018.

Since starting their Instagram account in 2019 Rich and Lew have built a wonderfully, supportive community who love keeping up with their daily lives. As well as talking about daily struggles of being a parent, they try to keep their account relatable with some light-hearted fun along the way. They also like to use their platform to help others who are considering adoption and since starting the account they have received numerous messages from people going through the process.

In 2022 Rich and Lew released their debit children’s novel, “My Families and Other Families: Finding the Power in Our Differences” which was inspired by them seeing how much their children enjoy and learn through story time and led to the creation of an imaginative picture book with an important message behind it: that every family is different and that is perfectly okay.

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