Emily Norris

Emily Norris

Author & Content Creator

Emily Norris has created a space on the Internet to support others in navigating the high sand lows of motherhood through sharing her infamous hacks and habits, all designed to create a more harmonious life for any family. With over a decade of experience Emily has built a community of over a million followers cementing her reputation as a trusted voice within the industry.

Emily is an ambassador for industry giants P&G and has partnered with household brands including, Disney, Microsoft and Sky, to name a few. Emily’s community spirit was the inspiration behind her YouTube series ‘Hack your Home’. Putting her hacks and habits into practice, the series see’s Emily clean and re-organise the homes of those in need of a helping hand. 

Emily and her husband Matt have recently completed their dream home renovation which they documented across their home account @emilynorrishome.

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