Clare Flaxen

Clare Flaxen

Cognitive behavioural therapist and a mindset trainer

Clare Flaxen is an ivy-league trained cognitive behavioural therapist and a mindset trainer, speaker and writer, with 25+ years of experience.

She's in the business of human potential and creating the conditions for people to thrive and excel.

She cut her teeth in the NHS, with an 11 year career in front line mental health services, before setting up and running mental health & wellbeing services at a London university.

After moving to the States, she re-trained as a therapist and now runs her own private practice, alongside delivering workshops, talks and training programmes covering a wide range of mindset topics. She loves the transformational nature of mindset work and how the right tools and strategies can change the trajectory of a person's life and experiences. S

he has a specialist interest in working with female founders, creatives and business owners - from best selling international authors, fashion designers and BBC producers to entrepreneurs and small business owners.

She's a regular contributor in the UK media, appearing in The Guardian, The Telegraph, Stylist, Bella, Real Homes, and many more.

Now back in London, she lives with her family and can usually be found swimming in the ponds on Hampstead Heath.

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