Pixie Dust Cleaning UK

Hello, I’m Samantha, often referred to as Pixie,
Queen of the pixie stamp @pixiedustcleaninguk

in 2018 my daughter introduced me to Instagram ( her quote was mum it’s where all the cool people are 🤣) . Originally Insta was for my cleaning business which I set up with minimal funds (back in 2012) .

One day I showed a finishing on my stories that I often do for my clients - that 9 second clip changed everything 🤩

I woke up to 2000 extra followers over night! This quickly become known as the pixie stamp which really sky rocketed when Carly little miss mops helped get Sophie aka Mrs Hinch's attention who then asked if she could share this on her story, so her Hincher’s could see (she even put it in her first book). My account blew up!

My content I now show so much more of my life on here from day to day stuff to all things cleaning; tips; products; finishing touches; home life and all things motherhood.

I’ve met some of the most kind hearted, truest friends on here and I’m forever grateful ♥️

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