Ben Powell

Ben Powell


I’m thrilled to be an official part of the shine squad and taking the opportunity to say hi to you all. Most of you may know me via Instagram and if you don’t, well here I am! 

My name's Ben and I love cleaning! I love to try new cleaning products, give tips and hacks and keep a clean and tidy home. 

I try and stick to a routine with my cleaning and keep days away to certain areas of the home or rooms, that way I don’t feel overwhelmed when I have to freshen up the house as it’s usually neat and tidy! 

I’m a gay dad of two teenage boys and feel proud of my achievements and would always raise awareness of lgbt rights and equality for us all. 

I've also been a mental health therapist for almost 15 years supporting young people and adults with various issues and helping them through difficult situations.Cleaning also helps my own mental health and keeps me occupied and as they say, ‘tidy house, tidy mind’

Happy to help and support anyone. Be safe, be kind and always be you 💙

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