Empowered Life Planning

Empowered Life Planning

Organisational, self-development, self-care and productivity planners and stationery for busy women designed by an award-winning mental health professional.

I have always loved planners and organisers, and I have nostalgic memories of my ‘fun-fax’ in the early 90s. The feeling of being organised and also feeling like a grown up just couldn’t be beaten!

As I grew up I worked my way through Filofaxes, BlackBerry phones, and every type of planner and journal that you can think of. Having systems in place to manage each area of my life helped me feel calm, productive and helped me through studying, working and establishing a healthy work/life balance.

I trained as a Psychologist and I have now been working in mental health for over 15 years and at the heart of my journey as a mental health professional, I have also found that the power of planning systems and organisation helped change the life and mindset of every one of my patients.

I witnessed first-hand the transformative impact of mastering time management, staying ahead of life's demands, and nurturing personal growth and self-care.

I still use these systems daily in my own life to find balance in my career, family life and my own self-care and self-development.

By creating boundaries for yourself and others in your life and by delineating each area of your life into its own section that you can then take the time to reflect on and make plans within, you will find that the overwhelm of a busy brain and a never-ending to do list can become manageable. This can also enable you to feel less stressed, be more productive and more present within your life.

I wanted to find a way to bring these systems and mindful planning to a wider group, envisioning a way to make these tools accessible to all and so I created Empowered Life Planning.

Through a line of products created with passion and purpose, I aspire to empower people with the means to embrace life's challenges, progress in their personal evolution, be more present and mindful, feel less chaotic and ultimately create a life of fulfilment, joy, and purpose.

I am genuinely excited for our beautiful and effective stationery to help you embrace the beauty around you, harness the chaos and ultimately live an empowered life that you love.

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