Care+Protect, Your Professional Plus!

Care+Protect is a brand created by professionals from Haier Europe, home to globally
recognized appliance brands such as Haier, Hoover, and Candy. Our mission is simple: to boost
efficiency, extend lifespan, and reduce environmental impact.

We offer a comprehensive selection of universal products, including appliance maintenance
solutions to reduce limescale accumulation, energy, and water usage; laundry essentials like
stacking kits and laundry perfumes for a fresh and comfortable, elevated laundry experience;
microwave cooking accessories and fridge containers for easy food preparation and organisation;
and an environmentally conscious products range with biodegradable, plant-based, and
hypoallergenic ingredients.

Our philosophy is to provide professional-grade solutions for organising and maintaining your
home and appliances.

With Care, every day.

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