Shine Squad

Support and promotion opportunities extends beyond the Clean & Tidy Home Show team, comprising of affiliates and ambassadors who play pivotal roles in our community engagement efforts - our Shine Squad.

All members are enthusiastically encouraged to actively participate in pre-show marketing campaigns, have affirmed their presence at the event, and are committed to vibrant community interaction, contributing to the overall radiance of our community.

This year marks the introduction of an ambassador role within the Shine Squad, wherein a select few will play a more hands-on role in both the planning and execution of the show.

For brands seeking collaboration, the opportunity to gift the entire Shine Squad or specific members is warmly welcomed. Brands can leverage our Shine Squad communications to promote their affiliate and ambassador programs, and extend invitations to exclusive events. Please contact your Account Manager for more information.

While Shine Squad members are encouraged to create content for participating brands, it is important to note that such contributions are voluntary and not obligatory. Together, the Shine Squad and our affiliated brands contribute to the collective brilliance of our community.

If you would like to contact any of the Shine Squad directly, you can find the full list of Shine Squad members and their Instagram handles here.

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