Diversity Equity Inclusion & Belonging

At Clean & Tidy Home Show, we are committed to creating an inclusive and welcoming environment for all our community. As an exhibitor, your support in upholding these values is crucial. Below are guidelines and best practices to help you integrate DEIB principles into your participation:

1. Diverse Representation

Staffing: Ensure your booth staff reflects diverse backgrounds, including gender, race, ethnicity, age, ability, and other dimensions of diversity.

Content: Highlight a diverse range of voices in your promotional materials, presentations, and product demonstrations.

2. Accessibility

Stand Design: Design your stand to be accessible to people with disabilities. This includes providing ramps, wide aisles, and seating options.

Materials: Offer materials in various formats, such as large print, braille, and digital versions compatible with screen readers.

Communication: Train your staff on how to interact respectfully and effectively with attendees with disabilities.

3. Inclusive Language and Imagery

Language: Use inclusive and non-discriminatory language in all communications. Avoid jargon that may exclude or alienate certain groups.

Imagery: Use diverse and inclusive images in your stand displays, brochures, and other marketing materials.

4. Safe and Welcoming Space

Environment: Create a welcoming and respectful environment. Ensure all attendees feel valued and included in your booth.

Training: Provide DEIB training for your staff to ensure they understand and can uphold these principles.

Feedback: Encourage and welcome feedback from attendees on how you can improve your DEIB efforts.

5. Cultural Sensitivity

Respect: Be respectful of cultural differences and aware of cultural norms that may affect interactions with attendees.

Learning: Take the opportunity to learn about the cultural backgrounds of the diverse attendees you will be interacting with.

6. Equity in Engagement

Opportunities: Offer equal opportunities for all attendees to engage with your stand, including through competitions, giveaways, and interactions.

Bias: Be mindful of unconscious biases and ensure all attendees receive the same level of attention and respect.

7. Collaboration and Community

Networking: Foster connections with a diverse range of exhibitors and attendees to build a more inclusive community.

Support: Partner with organisations that promote DEIB and support marginalised communities within your industry.

By adhering to these DEIB guidelines, you not only contribute to a more inclusive and equitable event but also enhance your own organisation's reputation and reach. Thank you for your commitment to making Clean & Tidy Home Show a space where everyone feels they belong.

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