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Toy Tidy Tips

Toy Tidy Tips
Dear Lenny,

I find it hard to keep on top of my children's toys - how can i manage this better ahead of hosting.

Anna, Woking

I am going to draw on two of my dear friends Kathryn and Richard to help you with this conundrum!

Kathryn Lord from More to Organising has a whole host of advice when it comes to organising with your children in mind including a regular clear out of toys and making storage accessible so children can help themselves and indeed tidy away too! Check out our Tea Break with Kathryn on Clean & Tidy TV.

But if you are after a quick fix, Richard Pearson, our Demo Stage Host suggests you play a game - 'find the floor'. What a deligtful and fun way to get your children to put their toys away ahead of guests arriving, and hopefully too at the end of every play time!

My darling Richard recommends that you adhere to the following rules when encouraging children to clean and tidy:

1. Do not monetise the job with your children.

2. You want to make this job habitual, so there is no link to money.

3. Find a time in the day/evening when an activity takes place each day. This is the time you do some housekeeping jobs. For example, just before bath time. This, over time, becomes a trigger point, so the child eventually does this cleaning activity themselves without being reminded.

4. Make it fun and straightforward.

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