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Is it time to give the boxes the boot?

Is it time to give the boxes the boot?
Dear Lenny,

My children have grown up so fast and I want to hold on to their childhood stuff but I’m very short of space… I have a large box of old Doc Marten boots for example, from tiny ones to battered big ones! My partner tells me to throw everything out as its just boxed sentiment, but it would break my heart. Am I being too sentimental?


Your note touched my heart and reminds me of something my own Mother used to say to me when I became a teenager…. “Let me love you a little more before you’re not little anymore.”

Your partner is wrong - I abhor waste and loathe landfill. However, your shoes-in-a-box suggests they’re packed away and are therefore neither use nor ornament, and taking up precious space! My advice is to recycle or repurpose. Sort through the boots and donate those that can be worn and loved again, then repurpose the unwearable boots into something you can enjoy every day! I am picturing a line up of boots on the patio or balcony, small to large, planted and filled with gorgeous herbs or colourful pansies.

What a wonderful way to reminisce about your children’s lives and feel pride in how far they’ve come, while creating a beautiful and meaningful display of colour and life.

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