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KonMari method of decluttering and organising

KonMari method of decluttering and organising
Dear Lenny,

Dear Lenny,


I am so excited to have recently moved into a rental property but it has very little storage space and it feels untidy and overwhelming, despite my best efforts. I have decluttered (I was fierce when I packed to move) and I have very little budget, but I really want to be able to enjoy my new space. Do you have any advice or wisdom to share that could help me deal with this?


Alice, Nottingham.

Dearest Alice,


Thank you for your note.


Firstly, congratulations on moving into your new home.

We all have a lot of ‘stuff’ nowadays, and with space at a premium, good and clever organising and storage solutions can make the difference between a higgledy-piggledy house and a heavenly haven you can call home.


Before we get into storage solutions, I strongly recommend you take some time to understand and apply the wonderful KonMari method of decluttering and organising. It literally changed my life. You can find out more about it here, but in essence it requires you to imagine living the fabulous life you want in your new space, and organising your possessions around that vision.


Top storage tips (from Sue Spencer, A Life More Organised):

  • When considering where to store things it’s a good idea to ask yourself where you’d look for it and go from there. 
  • Store similar things together and avoid scattered storage.
  • If you can store something upright and folded it’s usually a better use of space.


Once you’ve organised, rest assured that stylish storage doesn’t need to cost a fortune. Search local marketplaces for unwanted furniture such as Ikea units then apply some DIY upcycling magic dust. I can highly recommend DIY Mum who has some wonderful tips and guides to make storage benches, desks and shelving units. Let your creativity shine through.


Here’s to you living your best life, Alice.


You’re welcome!

Lenny x

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