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Where to go for help

Where to go for help
Dear Lenny,

I am struggling to keep up with everything - where can I look for help in the home?

Matt, London

My darlings, help is at hand! There are many ways you can enlist help in the home. For starters, you can ask me!

Of course, you may have family, friends, colleagues, neighbours who can put your bins out when you are away with work, whizz round with a hoover while your holding your newborn, offer advice on cleaning your new home or accept an offer of an item you no longer need.

But what if you need specialist or regular help, your loved ones aren't around, don't have capacity or you refuse to ask them?

Take a look below at some of the service providers I would recommend:


The Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers are good friends of mine and their members offer a whole host of different services and specialisms including moving home, hoarding behaviours,  life coaching, ADHD and more. Find an organiser to suit your needs.


What I love best about Wecasa is that they started off with at home wellness services before they moved into cleaning. They truly appreciate how homecare links to wellness and that some of us want all the bells and whistles regularly whilst some of us could just do with a bit of extra support form time to time. Discover their homecare and wellness services here


Laundryheap collect, clean, and deliver your laundry and dry cleaning with no need to plan in advance. Some us would adore their everyday service, or perhaps you need some help getting on top of washing after a holiday or larger items that require a different cleaning process. Sounds good? Book now.

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