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First impressions darling - your front door!

First impressions darling - your front door!
Dear Lenny,

Hi Lenny, I am always in a crazy rush before guests arrive, what jobs should I prioritise?

Penny, Hertfordshire

I’m sorry to tell you cleaning queenies, but our front door is likely the dirtiest thing in our homes, yet, it’s the most important door to keep clean because it’s the first thing our guests see when they come to visit. 

So darlings, start by dusting the door to get rid of loose dust and dirt. Now our favourite duo since Ant & Dec, use  water and vinegar and lightly scrub the door using a soft sponge or cloth. If the door is wood, make sure to wipe the door in the direction of the grain.If your front door is painted, make sure you add more water so as to not strip off the color during the cleaning process.

Make sure you dry with a heavy duty paper towel or dry cloth to avoid nasty streaks!.

If your front door is stained wood, simply use normal furniture wax or polish to wipe down the door for an extra fabulous finish.

If your front door has glass accents, you can clean with your mixture of water and vinegar and either squeegee dry or wipe dry with a cloth.


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