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Christmas is a time for Cloudy Bay, not cloudy wine glasses.

Christmas is a time for Cloudy Bay, not cloudy wine glasses.
Dear Lenny,

I live in an area of the UK that has very hard water, which has caused my ‘good’ wine glasses to become cloudy. I want my Christmas table to look fabulous and shiny, not dull and grey. I have run them through the dishwasher several times, and even on a hot wash, the stubborn stains are still there… What am I doing wrong? Please help.

Jeremy, Northumberland

Jeremy, Jeremy, Jeremy… I implore you to stop hot-washing your glasses in the dishwasher. This fruitless action is simply setting the tarnish onto the glasses more steadfastly, which will blur out your Barolo and is the very opposite of what you want to see on your Christmas table. I too have suffered from gruesome glasses but thankfully I have the solution to your woes… Jeremy, white vinegar is your shining knight! If you only have one or two glasses that need sprucing, simply use a soft cloth with neat white vinegar and rub gently until the glass is clear. If you have more glasses, fill your sink with equal quantities of vinegar and water and pop your glasses in to soak. After an hour, rub the glasses with a soft cloth soaked in the vinegar-water solution. Your glasses will be spick and span in no time.

From cleaning stains off carpets, to degreasing ovens and softening towels in the wash, white vinegar has so many uses, make sure you always have some to hand.


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