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Bubble bubble toil and (no cleaning) trouble

Bubble bubble toil and (no cleaning) trouble
Dear Lenny,

Hi Lenny, I would love nothing more than a long soak in the bath but I can't relax if I have cleaning to do. Any time-saving recommendations you can share?

Talia, London

A good soak is wonderful after a hard day, but keeping our bathrooms shiny and clean darlings, not so dreamy.

But as always, I have cleaning hacks for you cleaning queenies;

Firstly pop off that showerhead, if it is detachable and soak it in distilled white vinegar, if you’re extra fancy and it’s fixed, fill a plastic bag with vinegar and tie it around your showerhead.

While that works on removing limescale, pop a little Coca Cola down the loo, trust me darlings - that stuff will make the throne sparkle! Now the bathtub, if you’re anything like me darlings, the scrub life is not the one! So pop your favourite product around the tub and use a broom with soft bristles.

And of course, it’s often hard to look at your beautiful clean faces after a shower after they fog up when your bathroom gets steamy. Pop on a thin layer of shaving foam and you’ll have a shiny, steam-free mirror when you wipe it off.

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