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About Chopping Boards

About Chopping Boards
Dear Lenny,

I have some special chopping boards that are bent and broken from too much cleaning. What am I doing wrong?

Rachel, Battersea

Recently, whilst I was power walking my way around the park, a neighbour was royally flustered as she had damaged her personalised oak chopping board that had been a wedding gift from her favourite niece. It transpired she had been using hot water and bleach products and adding it to the dishwasher! Well, I have to say, I’m not surprised the board had crumbled. Lemons, Darlings! I advised her to keep a stash of lemon leftovers after her G&T’s and use them with a touch of salt to keep wooden chopping boards pristine for years to come! Too late for my neighbour but hopefully not too late for my wonderful Sparkle readers.

Until next time… Ciao x

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