Victoria Bance

Victoria Bance

Creator and Owner of Declutter and Organise with Victoria, Member of APDO

Victoria Bance, is the creator and owner of "Declutter and Organise with Victoria" based in Kent.

Beyond her role as a professional organiser, she’s a qualified accountant, blending financial precision with a passion for order.

A member and volunteer at the Association of Professional Declutterers & Organisers (APDO), Victoria's journey to becoming a professional organiser was shaped by her ability to balance the complexities of family life and a demanding corporate career, all while navigating life's unpredictable events. Her understanding, empathy, and unwavering patience make her a trusted partner for anyone seeking to simplify their surroundings and routines.

Victoria's mission is to create sympathetic and maintainable systems in her client’s homes and everyday lives, through collaboration, encouragement and motivation..

Outside of work, Victoria relishes quality time with family and friends, maintains an active lifestyle, and savours moments of relaxation while holidaying.


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