Rosie Rapp

Rosie Rapp

ADHD Coach, Mental Health Advocate, and Content Creator

Rosie Rapp is an ADHD Coach, Mental Health Advocate, and Content Creator.

An ADHDer herself, Rosie supports officially and self-diagnosed ADHDers in creating and implementing unique-to-them strategies to build the foundation for an ADHD-friendly life.

This encompasses everything from transforming their relationship with themselves and their ADHD, to creating more ease at home, at work, within relationships, and throughout daily life.

Diagnosed in her early thirties after nearly two decades of being misdiagnosed as “just” depressed, “just” anxious, and “just” hormonal, Rosie understands firsthand the rollercoaster of a late ADHD diagnosis.

After working with an ADHD Coach and experiencing her own life transform in ways she never thought possible, Rosie decided to pay it forward.

Trained and mentored by a pioneer in ADHD Coaching and thought leadership, she now thrives in supporting her clients and helping other ADHDers feel seen.

Originally from the U.S. but living abroad since 2010 (primarily in Australia, South Korea, and Colombia), she has called Germany “home” since 2015.

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