Natalie Williams

Natalie Williams

Certified Gold KonMari Consultant & Professional Organiser

Natalie is a Certified Gold KonMari Consultant & Professional Organiser, based in Buckinghamshire.  She works one-on-one with clients in their homes to de-clutter & organise their living space using the KonMari®️ Method of tidying.

The KonMari®️ philosophy is not only an effective & simple organising method, but it places importance on mindfulness & intentionality. It’s a de-cluttering method that goes beyond possessions & places the emphasis on what sparks joy for you.

Natalie founded A Bowl of Limes in 2019, having trained with Japanese tidying expert, Marie Kondo & her team.  A bowl of limes on the kitchen table represented a feeling of calm & cosiness in her own home having worked through her own tidying journey & she wanted to be able to guide others to find their version of ‘a bowl of limes’.

Her goal is to help clients to organise once & for all by only keeping what they truly love & transform their homes into a clutter free space.  Through this process, she aims to teach others to move past the clutter to curate a life that’s full of joy & zest!

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