Monique Sveinsson

Monique Sveinsson

CEO & Founder, Perfect Planner Company

Perfect Planner Company was founded in 2016 with the aim of creating the ultimate business tool for direct selling business professional. The companies founder and CEO, Monique, has a career of 30 years in organising events for some of the worlds most well known companies including LinkedIn, Disney, Google, YouTube and Facebook. She has also been an integral part in the running of some of the biggest theatrical shows in the West End of London as a stage and company manager including We Will Rock You, Hairspray and War Horse.

Monique has always been a perfectionist when it comes to organisation and has a huge passion for productivity and goal setting. This has been the foundation to her successful career as a professional and an entrepreneur.

When Monique entered into the world of direct selling she soon discovered the lack of the perfect business tool to organise her busy personal and business life. She therefore used her experience and expertise to create the perfect planner for direct selling and the online entrepreneur; utilising the proven methods of goal setting and mindset to push forward business and personal growth; and so was born the Perfect Planner Company Business Planner.

Monique is also a contributing author in the number one best selling book ‘The Elevation of the Femalepreneur’ and is a recognised goal setting and accountability coach as well as the host of the ‘She Loves to Plan’ podcast.

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