Karen Friend aka TheMiddleAgedBlogger

Karen Friend aka TheMiddleAgedBlogger

Content creator & Home Renovator

Karen, AKA TheMiddleAgedBlogger to her social media followers, has been renovating her way up the housing ladder with her husband Mark for the past 25 years.

She loves to see the potential in run down houses and transform them into beautiful homes.

Karen shared the journey of their last home extension and renovation which saw them turn a run-down outdated 3-bedroom house to a luxury 6-bedroom dream home.

With Mark’s DIY skills and Karens ideas on design and layout they make the perfect team to do the work themselves, saving thousands of pounds on trades people.

They have now started a new renovation with works beginning on a ground floor and roof conversion on their one-bedroom bungalow which stands on a 26-acre small holding. When finished they will have transformed this into a 4-bedroom house. You can follow their farm house renovation journey on Instagram @TheMiddleAgedBlogger

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