Donna Hall

Donna Hall

Director - The Specialist Cleaning Group

Donna has been running her specialist cleaning business for just under 4 year. Her area of expertise is working with people who are experiencing hoarding behaviours. Donna and her team are working daily with clients in their homes in a person centred approach. The process the teams work to is a small steps approach, working in partnership with the person experiencing hoarding behaviours, developing pattern changing behaviours. Clients are self referral and from social care and housing.

To reach as many people as possible Donna offers both paid and free services. She runs a free monthly support group and has a free online community that is really supportive and educational.

More recently Donna has started to work with professionals who work with people who hoard and offers in person and virtual bespoke training. In October Donna will be releasing her online training platform for professionals and has some other trainings in the pipeline.

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