Diane Greenwood

Diane Greenwood

Founder of Freshly Maid

Founder of multi-branch Yorkshire based domestic cleaning business Freshly Maid, Diane
Greenwood is a true entrepreneur, and alongside her cleaning business has built a property
portfolio, co-owns and manages a letting agency, and uses her experience and knowledge to
coach other cleaning business owners to build better businesses. She is a real believer in
building businesses with great teams and with great systems and since 2021 has run all her
businesses remotely from her new home in the Southwest of France.

She is also one of the founders and one of the two directors of the DCBN - the Domestic
Cleaning Business Network, a trade and membership organisation set up to support those
with cleaning businesses in the UK, with training, support, coaching, resources, supplier
discounts and access to an amazing community of like-minded cleaning business owners.

Diane is passionate about business, passionate about helping others build successful
businesses ano also passionate about bul dine businesses oeople love to work in. She
believes that domestic cleaning is an industry that makes lots of mistakes in terms of how it
looks after those who work within it and she is on a mission within her role with the DCBN
to change perceptions, raise awareness, raise standards and to truly professionalise the
industry from within. Along with fellow DCBN Director Louise Trehearn, Diane and the DCBN
have a mission to make the UK domestic cleaning industry Trained, Insured and Safe and for
those with cleaning businesses to have all the guidance and support they need to build
sustainable and profitable businesses.

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