Clara Ansong

Clara Ansong

Director and Founder of Gemstone Commercial Cleaning and Start Your Cleaning Business Training

Clara’s success is attributed to her unique perspective on cleaning. She believes that cleaning is not just about removing dirt and grime, but also about creating environments that inspire and uplift.

Clara believes that ‘a clean environment fosters a positive mindset and promotes healthy mental well-being. Having an organized space has a profound impact on our mental state and provides a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction, boosting our mood andself-esteem’.

Her expertise as a cleaning business owner, lead her to develop a cleaning course that has helped and encourage numerous individuals start their own cleaning businesses. Her dedication and passion for sharing her knowledge have positively impacted aspiring entrepreneurs in the cleaning industry.

Clara recognised the need for a comprehensive and accessible training program that would empower individuals with the necessary skills to establish their own successful cleaning businesses. With years of experience in the field, Clara understood the challenges faced by newcomers and saw an opportunity to fill the gap.

Over the last 10 years, Clara has established a career in public speaking on several platforms including radio and television. During this time, she has been on numerous panels discussing business development and motivational speaking.

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