Beckie Kelsey

Beckie Kelsey

Co-owner of Bath Specialist Cleaning Solutions

Hello! I'm Beckie Kelsey, co-owner of Bath Specialist Cleaning Solutions, a company I proudly own alongside my mum. For 28 years, our family-operated business has grown and flourished, boasting a dedicated team of 50 employees. From the cozy corners of domestic homes to the challenging scenes of crime clean-ups, our diverse range of services showcases our passion and dedication to the cleaning industry.

I've witnessed firsthand the transformative power of a clean space, and the peace and clarity it can bring into one's life. My journey in this field isn’t just about cleaning spaces, but also about ensuring safety, restoring normalcy, and spreading the joy of a fresh start. The love and commitment I have for this industry drive me to share insights, techniques, and best practices with others.

It’s an honour to be a speaker at the Clean and Tidy Home Show this year. I'm eager to connect, share, and learn with fellow enthusiasts and professionals. Let's embrace the beauty and importance of cleanliness together

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