Ailsa Feenan

Ailsa Feenan

Founder of Sense of Place - Wardrobe and Home Organising & APDO member

Introducing Ailsa, the passionate founder of Sense of Place. Her mission is to reconnect people with their wardrobes, clothes, and their sense of self. Ailsa knows that feeling comfortable in our clothes can make a difference to how we navigate our day-to-day lives. With a background in hospitality, PA support, customer experience, professional organising and decluttering, Ailsa has discovered her true calling: supporting women and men in their personal spaces. It all started with friends asking for help.

Wardrobe overwhelm is a common struggle, especially during lifestyle changes, body transformations, or career transitions. Ailsa understands the delicate balance between decluttering and maximising the potential of our existing wardrobes. Reinventing, reusing, and finding new homes for clothes through sales is at the heart of her work.

Focusing on her clients' unique style, personality, and colouring, Ailsa guides them in evaluating their own clothes. The goal? To empower clients to confidently and comfortably put together their perfect outfits, for any occassion, for years to come.

Are you ready to rediscover the joy in your wardrobe?

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