Little House on a Budget

Hi I’m Rebecca! I’m a busy sole parent of  two teenagers, I work part time as well as running my little Instagram account - Little House on a Budget. 

I’ve had my account for nearly two years now and I started it to show that you can still have a clean, tidy and cosy home whatever your circumstances may be…Whether you’re on a tight budget or even if you rent your home like me!

I love to keep my house clean and organised so my account is full of speed cleaning and motivational posts. I like to share a good cleaning tip or two, basically anything that helps make life a bit easier! 

I also like to show how you can furnish your home on a budget and I really love to upcycle where I can too. 

My goal isto simply inspire those in a similar situation to myself to prove that a perfect home isn’t necessary and that you really can make the best of what you have ☺️ 

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