TV Tidy

TV Tidy

Glasgow, UK. Andrew Macdonald has invented and developed a unique and smart cable management pod that will finally solve the issue of untidy cables, plugs and powerstrips that most of us have behind our televisions.

Finding that there was nothing satisfactory on the market to solve this common problem, Andrew set about designing something that would work in a satisfying way. He realised that most people who own flat panel televisions have them free standing, therefore the standard wall-mounting fixing holes were redundant. This is when he had his lightbulb moment…and TVTidy’s unique, simple and accessible placement and function were born.

After making several prototypes to refine the design and function, Andrew succeeded in making a product that could fit to the back of almost any flat panel television on the market and accommodate powerstrips and plugs from all regions of the world – and look great while doing it.

Working with professional product design company Filament PD and specialist injection moulding company Melton Plastics we have taken the development of TVTidy to a fully functional, sleek and smart product that works perfectly – and looks great. We are now a matter of weeks away from going starting manufacture of TVTidy – in the UK – and selling to the global market.

TVTidy Limited is a small Glasgow based start-up company – with big ambitions. We have designed TVTidy to fit on the back of all televisions and accommodate all types of plugs from around the world - making the potential market huge – but we are committed to manufacture in the UK - to limit our environmental impact and support local jobs.

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