DH Lifelabs

DH Lifelabs

At DH Liflelabs we believe caring for your air and keeping your space clean go hand in hand, we have taken inspiration from both nature and science to create a range of indoor air purifiers and a cleaning solution generator. The product lines – Aaira and Sciaire – have two unique technologies using disinfectant agents that naturally exist.


Aaira devices create a natural solution containing HOCl to actively eliminate 99.9% of bacteria and viruses – both in the air and on surfaces depending on the product. 

These products range from air purifiers that hygienically hydrate dry air to a multi-purpose cleaning system to allow consumers to make a solution containing HOCl at home to eliminate using multiple cleaning chemicals which is better for their health and cleans just as well as the conventional cleaners.


Sciaire units use multiple patented PlasmaShield™ generators to recreate this process by sending positive and negative ions both out into the room and into the filter to actively eliminate 99.95% of airborne pollutants and deodorise indoor air. 

PlasmaShield™ actively reduces and breaks down contaminants at the molecular level, including germs too small to be caught by any filter (even SARS-CoV-2) so they can’t multiply or escape.

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