Bio one

Bio one

Bio one™ is a 100% natural bio-enzyme concentrate that harnesses the power of nature’s own cleaning science to eliminate odours and deep clean your home without any harsh chemicals or toxins. Our happy enzymes work by breaking down the cause of the odours and grime at the source until they completely disappear, not just masking the smell but eradicating it, leaving natural scents of pink grapefruit, lemon & neroli flower, bluebell & sweetpea.

Enzyme cleaning is becoming popular all around the world as people discover a more natural and healthier way to clean and deal with odour caused by issues such as human and pet urine, faeces, vomit, bins, wet pet fur and more.

We have been using the power of natural enzymes within commercial cleaning for decades and are proud to now bring Bio one™ to the home.

Vegan registered, endocrine disruptor free, eco-friendly, chemical & toxin free, Bio one™ is not tested on animals and is safe to use around pets and children, on both hard and soft surfaces. Makes multiple bottles of solution, just add water to activate our happy enzymes! Save money, Less Plastic, MoreCleaning! Made in Britain.

Bio one™ 2023 Most Effective Odour Eliminator and Product Cleaning Company – SMENews UK Enterprise Awards.


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