Adored Earth

Adored Earth

‘Helping you act urgently to our Earth’s Eco Emergency’

We are a small eco centric home brand that is passionate about making high performing ecofriendly cleaning products. Our revolutionary flagship product is Eco-ergent, these are laundry detergent sheets that offer an eco friendly alternative to traditional laundry powders, gels or pods. They are a new way to wash your clothes, without harmful chemicals that impact on rivers and oceans.

We set up our business because we wanted to do more than create products, we wanted to start a movement. We are committed to trying to leave a planet that can help the next generation to thrive, not survive. We’ve eliminated the need for single use plastic bottles, by packaging our sheets in an unbleached Kraft cardboard packet and the reduced size means less emissions are created during transportation.

We also have a team of eco crusaders; customers that share our love for taking action to reduce negative impact on our environment. Whether it’s through litter picking, beach cleans, tree planting, or supporting charities, we try to take as many practical steps as we can.

Come to visit our stand at The Clean and Tidy Home Show to learn more about how you can reduce your environmental impact and join our army of eco crusaders!

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