Marketing & Publicity Guide

Promoting your attendance on social media, via emails, on your website, through PR and by using the free promotional materials that we offer will optimise your experience at the Clean & Tidy Home Show and beyond.

Marketing & Publicity Guide
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Marketing Assets
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Ticket Giveaway
We recommend you promote your participation at the show as soon as possible and to help get some excitement, we can provide 2x weekend tickets for a social media giveaway. Please host on your Instagram and Facebook as appropriate use this post and/or reel and suggested textSimply send us the fill name and email address for the winner and we will issue the tickets.

Show Offers
We have recently launched our Show Offers page on the website. You have the opportunity to host a competition and/or discount via the page. You can include a tracked link to your site or we can facilitate data collection.
If you would like to feature on the Show Offers page, simply send me the following:

For show offer

1.      Show offer title

2.     Image(min width = 660px | Min height = 300px | Max size = 1mb)

3.     Offer Description

For competition

1. Min width 1000px | Min height 500px | Max size 1mb

2. Competition description (short)

3. Competition description (full)

4. Any terms

5. What questions you would like to ask (consider percentage of completion reduces the more questions that are asked.

If you have any queries, contact the show team.

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